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Benefits of Purchasing An Ugly Stik.

Now, my uncle had an ugly stik. It didn't have anything to do with a hobby. It was meant specifically for car use. The stik was nothing fancy. It was just any old stick. The saying was "Don't touch the ugly stick!" See, if one touched it, supposedly that one would turn ugly. It did keep kids quiet during long car trips. It taught a child the value of keeping your hands to yourself. The good old days. Today, an ugly stik is known as a basic type of fishing rod. It is made out of graphite with figerglass surrounding it. Almost any fishing enthusiast likely has at least one or more of these. There are some benefits to purchasing an ugly stik.

An ugly stik is virtually unbreakable. Most fishing experts will recommend these rods for a beginner fisherman. These rods are durable, flexible, and deliver the goods. There are several varieties available but all have the same concept. While construction is the same, sizing and features may be changed around a bit. This is a great pole if a fisherman does not need a lot of hand sensitivity to fish. These rods look very familiar to me. Perhaps this is the kind I learned with. It did the job well. I do not recall having a rod break and I caught fish. I ran across some video footage of a man trying to break one of these poles. He did not. The ugly stik still rules.

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