Shimano Saros
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Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement
Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III, Redesigned Bail Trip, S-Arm Cam
Slow Oscillation
SR-Concept: SR 3D Gear, SR One-Piece Bail Wire
S A-RB (Shielded A-RB) Ball Bearings
Aluminum Frame
Graphite Sideplate
Graphite Rotor
Aluminum Spool
Spare Aluminum Spool
S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Guard, S-Arm Cam
Machined Aluminum Handle
Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread In Handle Attachment)
Septon Handle Grips
WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)
Maintenance Port
Fluidrive II
Floating Shaft
Super Stopper II
Repairable Clicker
Approved for use in Saltwater
Rated for use with mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines
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